domingo, maio 13, 2007

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!

From july 13th to 29th, Rio de Janeiro will be the place to be if you enjoy sports (if you don´t, better change your travelling plans to august and on...). The XV Pan American Games will be held in Rio. Some sports will have free exibitions, like the marathon or some of watersports, but for most of the games, you will need a ticket. The good news is that they are already avaliable to be bought, and you can do that through internet... Bad news is that some finals area already sold out (luckly, football / soccer still avaliable.

To buy a ticket, you need to go to this website - (cut and paste, somehow is not linking now...)

They may request some id number (CPF for brazilians)to proceed, but if dont have a clue about what it is, just keep answering no and put your passaport number. Some countries will have special deals to buy the tickets localy, from their olympics comitees, just check on while you try to buy it. The website is in portuguese, english and spanish.

Tickets will be collected by presenting the id quoted and the credit card used (they will only take Visa brand)by june 20th, at Rio Sul, a very central and easy to find shopping mall in Botafogo.

For those that hadn´t already find accomodation, is better to run. I havent heard already from any offical institute, but I presume it will be hard to find, since its also vacation time, besides the games...

Oh, and despite some people still think - it will be winter time in Rio, so don´t be so disapointed if you can´t go to the beach everyday... :-)