segunda-feira, dezembro 18, 2006

last one

Sugar loaf seems to be shaking because I was in a car... It stills there!!! Posted by Picasa

More of the sunny afternoon

More from the sunny afternoon in Rio this sunday... That one was taken in front of Botafogo Praia Shopping. Posted by Picasa

Sunny sunday in Rio

On my way from South zone to North zone, I tried to capture a bit of the magic of the city... I love this time of the year here, when days are longer. Can you believe it was taken after 6 pm????

Botafogo, just across Botafogo Praia Shopping Posted by Picasa

segunda-feira, dezembro 04, 2006

Samba for free at the Sambadrome

Carnival is already on the corner. As it is a huge competiton, and as any artistic spetacle, the artists need to reharsh on the stage, so nothing can go wrong on the big day. The cool thing is that is open to the general public, just need to show up at the time and day you want. Practice will happen from december to february, every friday / saturday / sunday. It doesn´t come with the huge and beautiful floats and the rich costumes, but is good to learn the music and know more about this cultural manifestation of Rio. In case you don´t know how to get to the sambadrome, take the subway direction north and get down at Praça Onze or Central station (yes, the one from the movie. If you choose this one, remember that you will have to walk 3 or 4 blocks at Ave. Presidente Vargas).

December schedule:
8 th— Império (09 pm)
10 th— Mangueira (07 pm) e Tijuca (09 pm)
17 th— Grande Rio (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09 pm)
22 th— Salgueiro (09pm)

January schedule:
5/1 — Salgueiro (09pm).
6/1 — Porto da Pedra (09pm).
7/1 — Tijuca (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09pm)

12/1 — Império (09pm).
13/1 — Estácio (07 pm) e Portela (09pm).
14/1 — Mangueira (07 pm) e Viradouro (09pm)

19/1 — Mocidade (09pm).
21/1 — Grande Rio (07 pm) e Vila (09pm)

26/1 — Imperatriz (09pm).
27/1 — Estácio (07 pm) e Porto da Pedra (09pm
28/1 — Mangueira (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09pm)

February schedule:

2/2 — Tijuca (09pm).
3/2 — Salgueiro (07 pm).
4/2 — Grande Rio (07 pm) e Viradouro (09pm)

9/2 — Império (09pm).
10/2 — Imperatriz (07 pm) e Portela (09pm)
11/2 — Vila (07 pm)

Oh, and in case you don´t know, or don´t remember, Carnival starts on february 17th...

Afternoon parties sugestion

Hello everyone!
Some night clubs open during the day, so they can offer more fun and party options for the lazy hot summer afternoons after the beach. One good sugestion for the december weekends is Casa Rosa -

The big old pink house, that used to be a brothel in early 20ies of the 20th century, is at Rua Alice, 550 - Laranjeiras (take the subway direction north until Largo do Machado Station and take the integration bus number 406 A - Largo do Machado - Rodoviária, drops you right in front of the club).

On saturdays, bobó de camarão (its a bahian dish made with shrimp) and samba are on the menu. The party starts at 1 pm and goes until 8pm, with a Capoeira presentation around 6 pm. Besides that, the shopping fans can see the production of almost 30 new carioca designers, that sells their bags, shoes, clothes, bijoux, and many more. Entrance is R$ 8 or R$ 15 with the food included.

On sundays, the house is the place for more samba and the most well known brazilian dish - Feijoada. The late lunch starts at 5 pm and the samba goes until 10 pm, followed by some djs, until midnight. Entrance costs R$ 20 male or R$ 16 female (feijoada included).

So, get out of the beach before sunset and taste some of the typical carioca lifestyle!

ps - check the prices and schedules before go on 9364-8011 or 8877-8804

sábado, novembro 18, 2006


On the same day when I felt dissapointed when I saw on the tv news that New Years in Copacabana would be the worse ever (c´mon, you don´t put olny one stage with louzy attractions for a party where there should be 2 million people coming from all over), I read on the other hand, Ipanema will be the place to be.

Nokia mobile company will sponsor the party and will bring The Black Eyed Peas to perform, FOR FREE, on Ipanema Beach, just after midnight. It won´t be so crowded as it was on the Rolling Stones concert this year, but it will be fun!!!!!!!!

more info here when I get it or at the website -

quarta-feira, novembro 15, 2006

Here comes the summer and its parties...

Officially, summer only starts on december 21st, the year only finishes on december 31st and carnival is from february 17th to 21st. Even knowing very well all those dates, weather is already changing, the parties are already starting... Here is some piece of advice to those wanting to come to Rio for the hottest (literally) time of the year!

First, I got to tell you all the awful truth - yes, things can get very expensive this time of the year, from airplane tickets to accomodation and renting a chair on the beach. Why? Its the holiday season, the city gets another athmosphere, everyone is more happy, open to have fun, meet people. Rio becomes the place to be! So, make your budget a little bigger. It gets more expensive, but not impossible to come.

If you are considering coming for new years or carnival celebrations, book or arrange your accomodation as soon as possible. Some places (cheap ones) can or will be booked by now. For those on a budget and that open to use public transportation, I´d recomend looking for the hotels and hostels in Botafogo, rather than the obvious Ipanema and Copacabana. Botafogo´s beach can (and is) crap, unbathable at all, but the area is very well served with transportation (buses, subway and taxis), nice restaurants, good shopping malls, great movie theathers and nightclubs (my favourite one is there, Casa da Matriz - My tips? Here are some of it (I don´t get any money from them, just know people that stayed there and have visit some of them!) - / / / (the last two ones are members of the International Hostels chain. The last one is not in Botafogo, is in Tijuca, for those looking for a north zone flavour on their trips!).

You don´t need to feel miserable just because can´t afford comming for new years or carnival in Rio. If you at least can be here between the parties, like early january until early february, you will have many parties coming up. All the samba schools will be practicing on their homes and at Sambadrome (for free), all the street blocos have parties to practice and some of them will be already parading. The beach will be great, weather fantastic. Rio is always a party!

looking for local friends in Rio?

I´ve noticed that the new wave about backpacking is the online communities where you can offer from a place to crash to company to show the city to the visitors. I´m a member of two of those groups - and

Here in Rio, we made a mailling list group to put all the residents togheter, but we are open to recieve messages from visitors! Our website is and the email (you don´t need to be a member to send) is

Drop us a line!!!!

segunda-feira, setembro 04, 2006

Rio, the place for all festivals

The upcoming months will be very interesting with all the music festivals and concerts in Rio. Next week, we will have the pleasure to see again the lovely scotish band Franz Ferdinand, playing at Fundição Progresso - , on september 14th. Tickets start on R$ 100 and still being sold in many places around Rio.

In october, we will have the TIM Festival, a 3 day festival that mix many kinds of music manifestations, from jazz to indie rock. In Rio, it will happen at Marina da Gloria, which guarantees a beautiful view from Guanabara bay. There are three stages with four diferents presentations each night. You buy the ticket for the presentation, so in a same night, you may need two tickets.

RIO DE JANEIRO - Marina da Glória
27 de outubro
TIM Club (20h) - Ivan Lins/Tributo, Jennifer Sanon e Maria Schneider
TIM Stage (23h) - Daft Punk
TIM Lab (22h30) - Céu, Amadou & Marian e Devendra Banhart
TIM Village (1h) - DJ Shantel e Maurício Valladares

28 de outubro
TIM Club (20h) - André Mehmari Trio, Roy Hargrove e Charlie Haden
TIM Stage (23h) - Mombojó, Patti Smith e Yeah Yeah Yeahs
TIM Lab (22h30) - Bonde do Rolê, TV On The Radio e Thievery Corporation
TIM Village (1h) - Booka Shade e Pet Duo

29 de outubro
TIM Club (20h)- Stefano Bollani, Ahmad Jamal e Herbie Hancock
TIM Stage (23h) - Instituto, DJ Shadow e Beastie Boys
TIM Lab (22h30) - Marcelo Birck, The Bad Plus e Black Dice
TIM Village (1h)- DJ Jason Forrest e Camilo Rocha

Tickets are not to be sold now, so please wait for the next announcement, togheter with the New Order concert confirmation and the Cramfields.

Carnival all year long

hello everyone,

So you came to Rio de Janeiro before or after Carnival and you still want to see how things are done? Now you have the oportunity to visit the place where all the samba schools spent almost half the year creating costumes, floats and many more things.

The Cidade do Samba (Samba City) is locatet on the Rio docks, where they say the carnival started. All the 14 schools that participates of the main parades from Carnival (sunday and monday nights) have their spaces to work there. The one that get the last position on the parade, has to move out, to give room for the second group winner.

Visits can be done everyday, from noon to 8 pm, and tickets costs R$ 20 for tourists and R$ 10 for locals. Every thursday, the City closes earlier, at 6 pm and they have a special presentation by 7 pm. The visitors pay R$ 80 and have a small carnival for themself, with dancers, musicians, some food and a small parade by the end.

The Cidade do Samba is located on rua Rivadavia Correa, 60 - Gamboa. To get there by subway, take the train direction north and get down at Central Station (yes, the same one from the movie). Cidade do Samba is just after the tunnel near the station, but is kind of dangerous to cross by foot. Take one of the buses that goes to Rodoviária or Cajú. If you want, you can get those yellow buses to Rodoviária, that come all the way from south zone.

more information (in portuguese) -

domingo, janeiro 15, 2006

Vila Isabel

This is Vila Isabel place, where they reharsh every weekend. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

sábado, janeiro 07, 2006

Happy 2006!!!!!! I know I have not been a good blogger, but very soon I will post about Stones in Rio, U2 in São Paulo and Carnival.
Right now, just a quick post about the english meetings from the blog -

Check there!

best wishes!