segunda-feira, dezembro 04, 2006

Afternoon parties sugestion

Hello everyone!
Some night clubs open during the day, so they can offer more fun and party options for the lazy hot summer afternoons after the beach. One good sugestion for the december weekends is Casa Rosa -

The big old pink house, that used to be a brothel in early 20ies of the 20th century, is at Rua Alice, 550 - Laranjeiras (take the subway direction north until Largo do Machado Station and take the integration bus number 406 A - Largo do Machado - Rodoviária, drops you right in front of the club).

On saturdays, bobó de camarão (its a bahian dish made with shrimp) and samba are on the menu. The party starts at 1 pm and goes until 8pm, with a Capoeira presentation around 6 pm. Besides that, the shopping fans can see the production of almost 30 new carioca designers, that sells their bags, shoes, clothes, bijoux, and many more. Entrance is R$ 8 or R$ 15 with the food included.

On sundays, the house is the place for more samba and the most well known brazilian dish - Feijoada. The late lunch starts at 5 pm and the samba goes until 10 pm, followed by some djs, until midnight. Entrance costs R$ 20 male or R$ 16 female (feijoada included).

So, get out of the beach before sunset and taste some of the typical carioca lifestyle!

ps - check the prices and schedules before go on 9364-8011 or 8877-8804

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