segunda-feira, dezembro 04, 2006

Samba for free at the Sambadrome

Carnival is already on the corner. As it is a huge competiton, and as any artistic spetacle, the artists need to reharsh on the stage, so nothing can go wrong on the big day. The cool thing is that is open to the general public, just need to show up at the time and day you want. Practice will happen from december to february, every friday / saturday / sunday. It doesn´t come with the huge and beautiful floats and the rich costumes, but is good to learn the music and know more about this cultural manifestation of Rio. In case you don´t know how to get to the sambadrome, take the subway direction north and get down at Praça Onze or Central station (yes, the one from the movie. If you choose this one, remember that you will have to walk 3 or 4 blocks at Ave. Presidente Vargas).

December schedule:
8 th— Império (09 pm)
10 th— Mangueira (07 pm) e Tijuca (09 pm)
17 th— Grande Rio (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09 pm)
22 th— Salgueiro (09pm)

January schedule:
5/1 — Salgueiro (09pm).
6/1 — Porto da Pedra (09pm).
7/1 — Tijuca (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09pm)

12/1 — Império (09pm).
13/1 — Estácio (07 pm) e Portela (09pm).
14/1 — Mangueira (07 pm) e Viradouro (09pm)

19/1 — Mocidade (09pm).
21/1 — Grande Rio (07 pm) e Vila (09pm)

26/1 — Imperatriz (09pm).
27/1 — Estácio (07 pm) e Porto da Pedra (09pm
28/1 — Mangueira (07 pm) e Beija-Flor (09pm)

February schedule:

2/2 — Tijuca (09pm).
3/2 — Salgueiro (07 pm).
4/2 — Grande Rio (07 pm) e Viradouro (09pm)

9/2 — Império (09pm).
10/2 — Imperatriz (07 pm) e Portela (09pm)
11/2 — Vila (07 pm)

Oh, and in case you don´t know, or don´t remember, Carnival starts on february 17th...

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