segunda-feira, setembro 17, 2007

Its cinema time!

Rio de Janeiro will become the capital of movies for two weeks, starting next september 21st. The International Film Festival, a.k.a. Festival do Rio will bring nearly 400 movies, from every where, every one. From classic western starred by John Wayne to the newest David Lynch. Its a difficult (or impossible) duty to watch 10% of the avaliable movies.

Tickets will start to be avaliable tomorrow (september 18th), at the Espaço de Cinema (Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 35 - Botafogo). The movie fanatics can even buy a pass for 20 or 50 movie sessions (and change for each movie ahead, so you wont miss the session)or buy each ticket for each movie.

For the foreigners with a bit of portuguese knowledge, I´d recomend watching the brazilian movies on the Premiere Brasil, which brings every year the newest productions from this country. Another two movies that worth seeing: the british documentary about samba (A Magia do Samba) and the much seen and spoken Tropa de Elite, which will finally be avaliable on the directors cut (not the pirates cut), telling the story of the elite troop of police from Rio, Bope.

More information can be reached on festival do Rio