quinta-feira, julho 19, 2007

Meet the favela!

Knowing about how is life in the Rio´s Favelas is something that tourists always wants to know. I personally sometimes think is something invasive, very close to a human safari. But some events are interesting to get to know what is really important from people that live on the favelas (and that they are proud of) - their cultural production.

From today (july 19th) until sunday (july 22nd), Circo Voador in Lapa will be hosting the second edition of the Favela Bienal of Arts. People can see for free dance, music, paintings and cultural debates about life and art on the Favelas of Rio.

To see all the program, check the website - http://www.circovoador.com.br (click on the "saiba mais" of the 2a. Bienal Favela Festa)

keep having fun!

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