quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2005

Carnival Schedule - its just an option, make yours!

Dear friends, I do not know if already I told this to you, but I am a party girl of cradle (my grandfather used to party during carnival in Belo Horizonte in years 20/30) and therefore, when this time of the year arrives, I’m already agitated...

only that in this year, I will have that to make an alternative programming, because I fell in the subway in December and got a ligament hurt in the left foot (uau, I felt like Romário now) and I’ll need to calm and to cure with physiotheraphy sessions. I Lighted then my script, but I will place also the heavy alternatives, in the case of mine little footie gets better more close to the party . The information on these and other blocks had been removed of the site http://www.samba-choro.com.br/carnaval/2005 , the best script of the street carnival, very good for those that can read portuguese!

Friday feb 04th
warm up /meeting of the English group - Taverna do Juca (Ave. Men de Sá, 65) in the Lapa, starting at 6h30 pm, look for the table I (Gabriela) booked. Later, around 9 PM, the thing is to go up to Santa Tereza and to go behind the Carmelitas bloco.
option heavy - after the Carmelitas, to go down Laranjeiras and to go to Concentra mas não sai, in the Bar Severyna. But it has rumors there that it does not go to be, when to roll the confirmation acknowledgment.

Saturday 05/02
option heavy – Cordão do Bola Preta, at 9 AM in the Cinelândia/ Municipal Theatre (Center). I won’t be able to go but, this is one of the most important bands playing during carnival. Who will be able to go, I recommends, is WONDERFUL!

option light - beach of ipanema from 10h and later coming back to north zone and going in Sorri prá Mim, at 4 PM in the bar Petisco da Vila in Vila Isabel. The idea is already to go ready to head for the night at sambodromo (yes, SAMBODROMO) and to see the schools of the group of Access A In this year, my favourites are two: Vizinha Faladeira (the Faladeira Neighbor) , therefore besides homaging our minister Gilberto Gil , is the school of my region of work - Gamboa, Saint Christ and adjacencias. Working in the foot of their slum, I feel myself of the community. The other one is União da Ilha (Union of the Island) , that after Vila Isabel, is who more deserves to come back to the special group.

sunday - 06/02
Sunday the party is in Ipanema. Beach from the hour that I wake up, because I want to be until the end in sambodromo, and starting at 2 PM., going to the bloco "Que merda é essa?" (what excrement I am this) , in the Bar Paz & Amor), R. Garcia D'Ávila (Ipanema). It serves as warm up for the Simpatia and to run away from initial hassle of the Simpatia. At 4 PM, starts Simpatia é Quase Amor (Affection is almost love), one of the biggest blocos in Ipanema.

Option heavy - to continue at ipanema and to go to the Empolga to the 9, at 9 PM, in posto 9 (Ipanema). Or to head in to the city center and to see super extreme the traditional Cacique de Ramos (Chieftain to it of Branches) , in the Av. Rio Branco with President Vargas (Center). Now, more heavy of heavyies is to buy in the hour tickets for sector 13 of sambodromo (more known as dispersion) to see Mangueira, Vila e Salgueiro and others leaving the avenue, just for fun.

Monday 07/02
hey! guess what! Beach of Ipanema per the morning (yes, I want to take off the delay not going to the beach all year! ). Later, route the cobal of the Humaitá to the Bloco da Segunda (Block of Second,) at 2 Pm. The website Samba e Choro says that due a supercapacity of the last years, the BS wont announce place, hour nor certain passage. Then the good thing is to go pra Cobal early and to wait taking beers and eating that one galeto sensational of there.
After that, to head copacabana and to see the ball of the Bip Bip, starts at 6 PM in rua Almirante Gonçalves, in Copacabana. They play old songs of carnival, a luxury!
option heavy - to head city and to see the Cacique de Ramos, from 8 PM, in the same place of sunday.

tuesday 08/02
beach of ipanema and the night, to go to sambodromo to see the group of the defeat, or better, group B. Samba Schools that used to be in the special group between years 80 and 90, as Estácio de Sá , Unidos da Ponte, Arranco, Lins Imperial and Império da Tijuca will be parading in the group that does not charge to get in, does not have subway the night all twirling, and only the community goes.
option heavy - between the beach and sambodromo, to go in the Bloco da Ansiedade (Block of the Anxiety) , that concentrates at 3 PM, but only leaves to 6 Pm.. They leave the Mercadinho São José , in Laranjeiras and don’t play samba, but Frevo, from the northeast. Another option, but to substitute sambódromo, is going to centro after the bloco to see two famous blocos of Rio – Cacique de Ramos e Bafo de Onça everything starting by 8 PM.

Wednesday ash 9/02 - people, I have to sleep, isn’t ? I come back to work by noon.

Though that it finished? It has plus on the weekend later!

Saturday 12/02 -
beach of ipanema per the morning and Bafafá, at 5 Pm, on posto 9. (Ipanema). This bloco does not leave the place and the drummers from Bola Preta plays old sambas.
And there is also the winners parade at the sambadrome.

sunday 13/02
beach of ipanema and after Monobloco at 2 PM, they start at the end of Leblon beach. They play old sambas and brazilian music, and gets really crowded. For those that survive all this, still have another bloco, Barangal. They star parading by 4 PM, at posto 9, in Ipanema

well, thats it for now, have fun and ask any questions on the comments!

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