domingo, dezembro 26, 2004

The final countdown

Hi everyone!
Chirstmas is over and now all the attentions are drawn towards the New Years Eve. For those in Rio de Janeiro, still loads of things to be done before the super-mega-ultra party on the beach to wave 2004 good bye!

Dec 27th - monday
On Monday, the best bet for those that likes alternative Rock n’ Roll is Maldita. This party happens on Casa da Matriz ( , a nightclub that reminds some friend’s house. The djs Zé and Gordinho plays the best of Rock, specially from the 90ies. Maldita starts around 11 PM, and entrance costs R$ 6 until midnight and R$ 10 after. Rua Henrique de Novaes, 107 – Botafogo
Other option if you would like to check the samba that is heard all over Rio between carnival, is to go to Carioca da Gema ( in Lapa. On Monday nights, the show is done by Paulão 7 cordas, with his band, playing all the best sambas ever made. Ave. Men de Sá, 79. Entrance around R$ 10 / 12 (depends on the day.

Dec 28th - tuesday

Tuesday, time for some tex-mex party at Guapo Loco ( in Leblon. Starting on 11 PM, until 1 AM, you pay R$ 35 (if you are a guy) or R$ 15 (girls) and all the national beer, water, frozen margueritas and a surprise dish from the chef you can drink and eat are included. The ones that arrive later than 1 AM, pays R$ 20 (male) or R$ 10 (female) to enter the place, plus all you consume. The music there is pop and rock that can be listened in every pop radio station across the globe. Good things is that is full with cariocas, expecially now, when universities and schools are out for summer break. Rua Rainha Guilhermina,
Ever wanted to check those funk parties, but afraid to go into the slums / favellas? So are the middle class cariocas. Well, on Tuesday, you (and them) can check this kind of music that can’t make you stay still on Bombar Leblon ( on Ave. General San Martin, 1011. Also, some djs play axé music (the one that is heard in Salvador during carnival ) and hip hop. Entrance R$ 20 (male) / R$ 10 (female). Starts around 10 PM.

Dec 29th - wednesday
Wednesday, before going to the night life, come to the Rio English Group meeting. We are a bunch of people that enjoy meeting new people, travellers from everywhere and locals. The only rule is to speak english, but locals can give you some portuguese lessons too. We will meet by 9 PM, at The Irish Pub – Rua Jangadeiros, 14 – Ipanema, in front of General Osório Square, next to Fazendola Restaurant. Just ask for the english Group, and they will show you where we are. /
After the meeting, how about more samba in Lapa? For Wednesday, I recomend going to Dama da Noite ( Between X-mas and New Years, they are presenting shows from singers and musicians from Portela and Imperio Serrano, two samba schools very traditional and that share the same area – Madureira, in the suburbs. On Wednesday, dec 29th, Noca da Portela will be performing there. Rua Gomes Freire, 773.

Dec 30th - Thursday
On Thursday, year is almost meeting its end, how about going to the biggest brazilian music party in Lapa? Brazooka and its djay, Marcelo Janot always brings lots of people to Casa da Matriz on Fridays, with this all brazilian music party. For dec 30th, there will happen a Superbrazooka, at their other club – Teatro Odisséia ( With Marcelo, Empolga às 9, the Casa da Matriz carnival bloco will perform live, making everything a carnival. Entrance costs R$ 16 and its all happen on Ave. Men de Sá, 66 and the houses opens on 9 Pm and the shows starts on 11 Pm.

Dec 31st - Friday
Friday, the whole thing happens on the beaches, expecially Copacabana. But this is too much info for this post. I’ll do more later on....

All best!

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