domingo, dezembro 05, 2004

Up again in Rio

Yes, I know I've been away for sometime, but now here I am with some update on what is going on in Rio!

Here is my sugestions for what is cool going on in the city!

Many foreigners comes to Rio looking for the funk parties, with all those Miami Bass inspired music, rappers singing about their sexual conquists and the girls with the smallest clothes I've seen...
Usually, these parties happens inside the favelas (slums), which has not been a cool place to be around these days. But on the next friday 10th - There will be a funk party in Lapa, at the Circo Voador - . The party is called HAPAX , and Tati Quebra-Barraco, Mr. Catra and Bateria da Grande Rio (drummers from a samba school) will play. Gates will be open by 10 PM Tickets cost R$20 . The Circo Voador is located on the heart of Lapa, below the arches.

On that same day, good options for those that want to discover the brazilian Rock n' roll. For those fans of a more melodic kind of tune, with good conections with samba, brazilian popular music, jazz, you must go to the Los Hermanos concert, in Canecão (near Rio Sul), on friday 10th / saturday 11th / sunday 12th. Even having and latin name, this 3 guys band was formed on the Catholic University patio, on the begining of the 90ies. To get to know more of them, here is their website - Shows starts around 10 PM and tickets are from R$ 30 to R$ 45.

The sugar loaf is also a place for some rock n'roll this weekend. Titãs, one of the oldest rock bands in Brasil (they have been on the market since the 80ies) will be playing on the project "Oi Noites Cariocas", at the Morro da Urca, on friday 10th and saturday 11th. Tickets with the tram ride included cost R$ 80. More info on the website -

Later on, more news about the Samba schools reharshals. Stay tuned!

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