domingo, janeiro 28, 2007

É Carnaval!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite all the violence problems, Carnival is about to begin in Rio. In fact, it has already started, with the samba schools reharshals at their places and the technical parades held every weekend at the Sambadrome. And if you think about the Cidade do Samba, is carnival all year long.

First, I have to explain that Carnival is not only at the sambadrome. There is party everywhere, in everystreet, just need to have two or more people making music....
The fun thing is to follow the organized blocos, a bunch of people that follow some circuit on the streets, singing and dancing. They have already started doing that, and I will post here some of them.

On next saturday, february 3rd, Banda de Ipanema will do their first parade. Being created in 1965, is now known as a gay parade, where people often honor Carmem Miranda and her costumes. They meet at General Osório square in Ipanema, around 3 pm.

Another option for the same day is the Imprensa que eu Gamo, the bloco from the media people in Rio. They meet around 2 pm, in front of the Mercadinho São José, in Laranjeiras, and start parading around 4 pm. The parade is not so long, but the party is fun.

I still need to write about the carnival days, I will be doing anytime soon!

Enjoy the party! Its just starting!

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