quinta-feira, janeiro 04, 2007

New music from Brazil

Brazil is well known everywhere because of its musical quality. Bossa Nova, Samba, Funk, all have been (in a way) important contributions for the world music context. One good thing is to get to know bands at their early start. The fresher, the better!!!!!!!!!! The beggining of the year have good options of music festivals that can introduce those new musicians to the population. Recife hosts every april the festival "Abril pro Rock" (Open to Rock, a work puzzle with the meaning and how it is written the month april, which can also means open), May is the time when Natal hosts MADA (Music food for the soul), held on a beach.

But Rio has their own new talent show - Humaitá Pra Peixe. Starting tomorrow (friday, january 5th) and held until the last weekend, every friday, saturday and sunday, around 7 pm. Every night, two new faces from the local musical scene perform at the small theater at Humaitá, close to the audience. Teatro Sergio Porto is located on Rua Humaitá, 163 - Humaitá.

Tickets costs R$ 24 a night and a profile from the bands can be read at www.humaitaprapeixe.com.br

05/01 (friday) – A Filial / Curumin
06/01 (saturday) – Ordinário Groove Combo / Rio Maracatu
07/01 (sunday) – Rockz / Scracho

12/01 (friday) – Brasov / DuSouto
13/01 (saturday) – Zé de Riba / Tom Bloch
14/01 (sunday) – Revolucionnários / Fresno

19/01 (friday) – Rodrigo Bittencourt / Érika Machado
20/01 (saturday) – Edu Krieger / Casuarina
21/01 (sunday) – Reverse / Eletro

26/01 (friday) – Duplexx / Vugue Tostoi
27/01 (saturday) – Turbo Trio/ Móveis Coloniais de Acaju
28/01 (sunday) – Debate o “Mercado da música para novos talentos”

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