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There are many kinds of tickets for the sambadrome. Acording to the organizers website - www.liesa.com.br - there are still 990 tickets avaliable for the main parades on monday, at the official price. On sector 4, costs R$ 110 and you can buy at Bradesco bank at Rua Visconde de Inhaúma, 134- C - Centro

On sector 6, they stil have tickets for the chairs, on both days, costing R$ 110 and you can buy these on Bradesco bank at Av. Rio Branco, 181 – A - Centro

On sector 13, only on monday, the chairs costs R$ 110 and can be bought on bradesco bank at Av. Presidente Antônio Carlos, 615 - Castelo

Of course there are always travel agencies and vendors that sells the other sectors, but expect to pay double or three times the prices (you can check the original prices at Liesa website at ingressos).

The two last stands at sambadromes are called "arquibancadas populares" and at this place you can see the parade comming and people celebrating the end of it, if they feel they have done a good job. These tickets will start to be sold on january 26th, at the sector 11 of the sambadrome. For the sunday and monday parades, costs R$ 10 and for the winners parades costs R$ 5. Remember that in all cases, they only accept money.

Remembering that the sambadrome parades are a tournament, just like football, so there are lower divisions. My favorite one to go is the second, that parades on saturday. Tickets are usually much cheaper than the main one.

the second division ticket info:

From jan 22nd to 25th - at Rua da Alfandega, 25 - Loja B/C
Centro - from 10 am to 4 pm

From jan 28th to feb 2nd - the same place at sector 11.

all stands will cost R$ 15

One idea is watching the saturday parade on a very good spot (sector 3 to 7) and watch the sunday or monday parades on the R$ 10 place. Its a bargain!!!!!!!!!!

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lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts disse...

Hi Gabriela, hope this finds you well. Thank you for writing so much information about the parades. We are coming this year and are crazy excited!!