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Yes, we have street carnaval!!!!!!!!!!

Despite some people inisist to say, Rio DO have a street carnival. As carnival approaches, here is some help for those looking for the street parties around the city! All you have to do is show up and follow the music.

I know it is in portuguese, but this guide - www.samba-choro.com.br/carnaval/2008 - is by far the most complete about the festivities. They give the address, date and the hour the group meet. Also have some story of the groups, so exercise your portuguese (you can ask for translation if it gets too confuse....)

My favorite ones are the followings, and this may be pretty much my schedule for the carnival days.

saturday feb 2nd
Cordão da Bola Preta, às 9 am -Cinelândia/ Theatro Municipal (Centro) - the oldest bloco in town, gathering thousands of people, from very young to really old.

Barbas, às 3 pm - R. Arnaldo Quintela com Assis Bueno (Botafogo) - for this bloco, I advice to bring a plastic bag for the belongings... is known for throwing water on people during the parade.

Empolga às 9, às 5 pm - Casa da Matriz, Rua Henrique Novaes (Botafogo)

sunday feb 3rd
Cordão do Boitatá, às 8 am - Rua do Mercado e Praça XV (Centro) - must go with some kind of costume

Que merda é essa?, às 2 pm - Bar Paz e Amor,
R. Garcia D'Ávila esq. com Nascimento Silva (Ipanema)

Simpatia é Quase Amor, às 4 pm - Praça General Osório (Ipanema) - they meet with the one above, which comes from the diferent direction.

Cacique de Ramos, às 9pm - Av. Rio Branco com Presidente Vargas (Centro)

monday feb 4th
Bloco de Segunda, às 2 pm - Cobal do Humaitá, pelo lado da Rua Voluntários da Pátria (Botafogo)

Rancho Flor do Sereno, às 7 pm - Bar Bip-Bip, Rua Almirante Gonçalves (Copacabana)

tuesday feb 5th
Se Melhorar, Afunda, às 9 am - Praça São Domingos (São Domingos - Niterói) - the bloco parades first on the ferry, then into old rio downtown

Rio Maracatu, às 3 pm - Arpoador (Ipanema)
Cacique de Ramos, às 8 pm - Av. Rio Branco c/ Pres. vargas (Centro)

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