sábado, setembro 18, 2004

International Film Festival in Rio

Hi everyone, here is my list for the international film festival that starts on sept 24th.
The tickets can be bought starting on sept 21, at Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 53. They vary between R$ 12 and R$ 4, depending on where is the movie theater.

Here is my list: on the parentheses, is the title of the movie in portuguese
Sat 25th
2 PM - Double Agent (Agente Duplo) , from Eric Rohmer, about spies during the Spanish Civil War, in the 30ies. (Ipanema 2)
Sunday 26th
1:30 PM - A Thousand months (Mil Meses), from Faouzi Bensaldi, from Morroco - a 8 year old boy is between the conservative positions of his mom and the liberal positions of his grandfather. (Botafogo2)
6 PM - Control Room (Central Al Jazzera) - about Al Jazzera tv channel (Unibanco 3 - Botafogo) 9:30 PM - Born into brothels (Nascidos em Bordéis) - about the children of the prostitutes in Calcutta, won an award in Sundance ( Unibanco 3 - Botafogo)
Saturday 2nd october
4 PM - The selling of the Pentagon (O Pentágono à Venda) - from Peter Davies, about the machine of advertising from the Pentagon.(Unibanco 3- Botafogo)
8:30 PM - Deewaar - indian movie from Bollywood, about a indian that is captive from pakistani for 30 years. (Botafogo 2)
Sunday october 3rd
6:30 PM - 18 J (Premiere Latina) - 10 episodes by argentinian directors about the attack to the israelli association in Buenos Aires (Unibanco 1- Botafogo)
15h- Dev - bollywood movie also - 2 cops get togheter to fight against a criminal and a cop. (Botafogo 2)
Thursday 7th
10 PM - Nine Songs (9 canções) - In london, the love story of a couple is told by their sex life. Performances of Primal Scream, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Franz Ferdinand (Unibanco 2 - Botafogo)

Thats all for now, good festival to everyone! Gabriela

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