domingo, setembro 12, 2004

What's up from mon 13th to sat 18th?

To start, I'll post some events that will happen this week in Rio, at night. If you have any doubt or want other info, leave a comment.

monday - sep 13th
The best bet of the night is Orquestra Imperial. It is a big band formed by regular muscians, that during the week play with their bands. So, on their only day off - which is monday - they get together to play old sambas and romantic latino songs. Pay attention on the beautiful voices of Thalma de Freitas and Nina Becker, they are great! This all happens at, at Rua Humaitá, 110 - Humaitá (just after Botafogo). The show starts around 11 PM and tickets costs R$ 20

tuesday - sep 14th
For the night, try some bossa nova and jazz, at Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio (Ave. Gomes Freire, 289 - Lapa). Its starts at 6 PM and costs R$ 10.

wednesday sep 15th
DJ Marcelo Janot hosts an all brazilian music party in Leblon every wednesday - Identidade Musical - at Melt (Rua Rita Ludolf, 47). Costs R$ 25 and starts at 10 PM.

thursday - sep 16th
What about some black music? The Bukowski (Rua Paulino Fernandes, 7 - Botafogo) hosts the party Chá Preto Musical (Musical Black tea), with black music classicals like funk, soul, samba and rock. Costs R$ 8 and starts at 11 PM.

friday - sep 17th
I'm not a big fan of his, but 50 Cents will be playing in Rio on friday. He will be part of the Rio Rap Festival - Tickets cost around R$ 60 . The problem that the venue - Pier Mauá - may change during the week, due to problems with the loudeness of the sound and the lack of acoustic treatment on the place.

For those that want to see the real samba from Rio, the place to be is Carioca da Gema - - friday is the night that Tereza Cristina and Grupo Semente perform. They are great! The house gets very crowded, so try to arrive as soon as possible. The venue opens at 6 PM and costs R$ 16

saturday - sep 18th
Every friday there is this very cool party at in Botafogo, called Brazooka. Once a month, the owners do a big edition of this party on their other club, in Lapa -, called Superbrazooka. DJ Marcelo Janot play only brazilian music, going from samba, old bossa nova, brazilian pop music to the latest hip hop and rock from Brazil. And the live attraction will be the house Bloco - Empolga às 9. Its at Ave. Men de Sá, 66 - Lapa. Starts at 10 PM and costs R$ 16

BEST BET: Its hard to judge, but I have two favorites: Orquestra Imperial on monday and the Super Brazooka on saturday.

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